Bold City Containers has a nice supply of cargo-worthy 40′ High Cube shipping containers. We have sold through our large overstock, and prices are rising. Within the month we expect the price to be $2000 and around $2200 by year end. We are buying them 10-20 at a time and not 100 at a time like before, so the supply is going down. Quality is still good on these boxes, so come get them while you can. 

1 x 40′ HC, cargoworthy: $1900 each;
2-5 x 40′ HC, cargoworthy: $1850 each;
6-24 x 40′ HC cargoworthy: $1700 each

Delivery is $1.95 per round trip mile plus $100 handling fee. Payment by credit card accepted.

Call 904.751.1800 for more information

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