Have you tried to find a 40HC in Jacksonville? Call any broker you find and they will tell you “yeah, we’ve got plenty”. What they don’t tell you is that they are flipping one out of somebody else’s stock to make a quick $100. They can’t tell you what numbers you’re buying or even let you see them before you buy because until we pick them out, they don’t know what they’ve got! They also don’t know that I just bought every remaining 40’HC in Jacksonville that was in decent condition. What’s left are older units with some rust. Sure, they might work ok, but I bought the better ones. 

As I had posted earlier about 40’s, the price is up. Supply is decreasing and demand is way up. So now these boxes are $2,200 each or less for quantities. Get yours now before they go up more!  
1 x 40′ HC, cargoworthy: $2,200 each;
2-5 x 40′ HC, cargoworthy: $2,100 each;
6-24 x 40′ HC cargoworthy: $2,000 each

Delivery is $1.95 per round trip mile plus $100 handling fee. Payment by credit card accepted.

Call 904.751.1800 for more information

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