40′ HC, cargoworthy, good condition

We have been working hard to buy 40′ high cubes to stock back up for everyone, and stocks are starting to get more normal. Prices are still high, but we worked out a contract to supply us this year and can lower the prices a little bit from previous highs. We have several quality levels available in 40′ high cubes right now, so please call the office at 904.751.1800 with questions or to purchase one. Pricing is as follows:

40′ HC, as-is: $1,700 each (these will leak but can be repaired to wind and water tight)

40′ HC, wind and water tight: $1,900 each

40′ HC, cargo worthy, average condition: $2,100 each

40′ HC, cargo worthy, good condition: $2,400 each


40′ HC, wind and water tight