We just purchased 75 x 53′ chassis. Sold 20 right away, so 55 remaining.

They are mostly 1997-98 year with Budd wheels and ISO goosenecks–bottom line is that you can cut them down if you wish to make them fit 40′ or 45′ ISO containers! They all rolled into our yard, but all of them have some level of rust and/or damage. You’re welcome to come see them M-F from 8-5.

Pricing is as follows:

As-is condition:
1-5: $2,800 each
6-10: $2,700 each
11-20: $2,600 each
21 or more: $2,500 each

We can cut them down to 40′ or 45′ for $500 per chassis

FMCSA inspected with 5/32 or better tires, any quantity: $4,200 each