We have secured a big batch of boxes I don’t feel like repairing. These boxes are the same ones we are repairing to cargo worthy and selling for more, but we are busy and the summer shop work is keeping us too busy to repair these.

The boxes will have some leaky roof patches, corrosion pinholes, or damage, but they aren’t bad enough to be called scrap. We could fix them with a few hours labor, but if you’re handy you can do the work yourselves and save hundreds of dollars.

There’s only one rule–no picking through the stack to try and find a good one. It’s first off the stack is the one you get, though in reality we usually have a few down on the ground to look at. If they are too bad, we scrap them instead of trying to sell as-is.

Delivery is $200 or $4.95 per one way mile from us to you, whichever is greater.

Call now for more information at 904.751.1800.

Here’s another sample: