If you saw our posts about as-is 40HC and good used 40HC and are wondering what happened to them–poof, they’re gone. The brown IICL build boxes are all gone (for now) as well–500 on one invoice, so I figure the price was right. The good news is that we still have 20-30 of the high handle and lock box beige 40HC in stock to sell, and we’ve reduced the price to $3,900.

Please give us a call and we will be happy to show you the boxes M-F from 8-5. Don’t get sucked in by the cheap broker prices–they will assign the first box off the stack. At our place you can see the actual box you will receive (as long as you buy it – we can’t hold them for more than a couple of days).

Pricing for 40′ High Cubes is:

  • $4,200 one trip (essentially new boxes) for storage build with high lock handles, lock box, and fork pockets in beige color

Delivery is $4.95 per one way mile or $200, whichever is more. Payment by credit card accepted.

Call 904.751.1800 for more information