EDIT: Nope. They are almost all gone. We have about 15 left and then that’s it for as long as I can tell…

We have in our depot a LOAD of 40′ high cube reefers. Over 200 of them. They are 2005-2007 Carrier EliteLine and ThinLine reefers with MicroLink 3 controllers. We can sell them as-is, storage worthy, cargo worthy, cut-down, customized, and/or refurbished. You name it, we can make it happen.

Prices are:

$3,500 storage worthy with the machine removed and front open

$4,800 pre-tripped and operational, storage worthy

$5,500 pre-tripped and operational, cargo worthy with CSC inspection

We will paint them your choice of color for $500, and it’s worth it. They look nice painted.

Quantity discounts available. Buy 100 and I’ll make it worth your while…

Painted Units:

Unpainted Units: