We have started to receive our order of 200+ 40′ high cube containers. These are pretty nice boxes, and as far as I know, we are the only ones in Jacksonville with significant stock. We have had to not only pay significantly more than we have recently, we also had to truck them in, so… Read More

We had 145 x 45’ HC nice cargoworthy units in stock. They are gone. Just like that! One customer took them all, so I know the demand is out there and the pricing right. We have about 30 in stock that need repair before they sell, but if you buy one we will move it… Read More

We have Carrier 69RG/UG15 generator sets available for sale. We are presently working through them so they will all be in running and load tested condition. They are 2001-2011 vintage units. Pricing is as follows:   1-3 units: $5200 each; 4-10 units: $5000 each   Contact us for more information in the office at 904.751.1800… Read More

We have about 20 wind and water tight containers in stock. Perfect for storage where the container’s looks aren’t as important or when you don’t need the expense of cargo worthy units. Come check them out in person and buy a few for your wintertime storage cleaning project.    Call the office at 904.751.1800 for… Read More