Have you tried to find a 40HC in Jacksonville? Call any broker you find and they will tell you “yeah, we’ve got plenty”. What they don’t tell you is that they are flipping one out of somebody else’s stock to make a quick $100. They can’t tell you what numbers you’re buying or even let… Read More

53’ fixed length chassis have gone well lately, so we only have about 35 remaining. They are 1997-98 year with Budd wheels and ISO goosenecks–bottom line is that you can cut them down if you wish to make them fit 40′ or 45′ ISO containers! They all rolled into our yard, but all of them… Read More

We have in our depot a LOAD of 40′ high cube reefers. Over 200 of them. They are 2005-2007 Carrier EliteLine and ThinLine reefers with MicroLink 3 controllers. We can sell them as-is, storage worthy, cargo worthy, cut-down, customized, and/or refurbished. You name it, we can make it happen. Probably you just want an insulated… Read More

We have worked our way through our cargo worthy 45’s and are tired of looking at the rest. Most are still in decent shape, but now that they have been sitting for a year they may have pinholes or sticky doors. We need to move them out, so come get a deal on some decent… Read More