We have a limited amount of 40′ high cube reefers that are decent boxes, but they are not cargo worthy as they sit. The machines are Carrier and are complete, but would officially be non running because they have been sitting for over 1 year. Vintage is around 2000 year +/-. These boxes are being… Read More

We’ve resorted to buying 40′ high cubes 10 at a time because supplies are starting to get tight, and prices have come up. If you wanted them for less, that ship has sailed for now. We have them available, and they are pretty nice boxes, so please call the office at 904.751.1800 with questions or… Read More

We have at least 10 scrap quality reefers available. We sold all of the ones we think were usable, so these are what’s left over. As-is, where-is. Unless you’re creative and want a project, they are scrap. Come see them and take all you can for $1,000 each. Call 904.751.1800 with questions.… Read More

We have started getting back some of our short term lease gensets. There are 16 Carrier undermounts, and 10 TK undermounts. Pricing is $5,700 for Carrier, $5,500 for TK. They are mostly 2007ish units, but some may be older. Pricing is for load tested and operational. Quantity discounts available, so come buy them all and… Read More

These pictures pretty much sum it up. Blue or beige 20′ standard height new boxes with waist high handles and lock boxes. Beige 40′ standard height new boxes with the same (they are out of stock for a few more weeks, but we will pre-sell).  M-F from 8-5 or call 904.751.1800 with questions.… Read More

We just made  a purchase of 53′ x 102″ wide containers that would make amazing storage boxes if you have the space. For $1,200, you get about 420 square feet of almost 9′ tall storage space.  I have 40 +/- to sell and will sell them in as-is condition at low prices.  Please call the… Read More