We have 10 Carrier 69RG15 generator sets available for sale. We are presently working through them so they will all be in running and load tested condition. They are 2001-2011 vintage units. Pricing is as follows:   1-3 units: $5200 each; 4-10 units: $5000 each; 11 or more: $4800 each.   Contact us for more… Read More

Thanks to some box brokers, the price on 45’s just took a dive, and you can benefit! Prices have dropped, so for almost the same price of a 40′ high cube, you can get an extra 5′ of storage. These are nice cargoworthy boxes, no junk at these prices.  Qty 1: $2000 each Qty 2-4:… Read More

Bold City Containers has a nice supply of cargo-worthy 40′ High Cube shipping containers. We have sold through our large overstock, and prices are rising. Within the month we expect the price to be $2000 and around $2200 by year end. We are buying them 10-20 at a time and not 100 at a time like… Read More

We have a large number of wind and water tight containers in stock. Perfect for storage where the container’s looks aren’t as important or when you don’t need the expense of cargo worthy units. Come check them out in person and buy a few for your wintertime storage cleaning project.    Call the office at… Read More