We have at least 10 scrap quality reefers available. We sold all of the ones we think were usable, so these are what’s left over. As-is, where-is. Unless you’re creative and want a project, they are scrap. Come see them and take all you can for $1,000 each. Call 904.751.1800 with questions.… Read More

40′ high cube box supplies are still a little wonky, but we have managed to get about 50 in stock of various conditions. The REALLY good news is that prices have come down a little bit. We have several quality levels available in 40′ high cubes right now, so please call the office at 904.751.1800… Read More

We have finally worked through all of the 45′ containers that we could repair to storage quality boxes. We now have a good number of scrap quality 45′ containers available. Price is $900 each, no picking through the stack. Call with questions at 904.751.1800… Read More