We’ve just been forced by our suppliers to reconsider the way we are selling boxes. Previously, we would purchase 10-20 boxes at a time, put them in our inventory, repair them as necessary, and sell them. The old-school way.

Now, everybody acts like they have everything in stock all the time, making it impossible to compete. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em–now you can buy your boxes from us just like you would with the brokers EXCEPT we can actually show you a box. We do this by leaving the boxes in the shipping line inventory until you come to buy. You save a few hundred dollars and we don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory.

Our prices are competitive with the brokers you’ll find online through Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay, etc., but the real test is whether they will let you see the box you’ll be buying before you send them money. I’ll save you the time it will take to ask–they won’t! We can show you the box you will get if you buy it when you’re here. If you wait–it will be gone but there are more…

Delivery is $300 or $6 per one way mile from us to you, whichever is greater.

Call now for more information at 904.751.1800.

Here’s representative stacks of storage worthy 40HQ: