Beginning in 1974 with Transport Refrigeration, Inc., John Allen and his partner Ed Mickler created a full service facility for intermodal needs of all types. Over the decades, we have been a constant presence on the northside of Jacksonville and have provided maintenance and repair, trucking, depot services, parts sales, and equipment sales to our customers in an honest and businesslike fashion.

In 2009, the family business transitioned to the second generation of ownership, and operations moved to Intermodal Depot Services, Inc., which is owned by Josh Allen. The business has expanded since then to become one of the largest Carrier Container Refrigeration parts dealers in North America, and we have taken equipment sales from a side business to a large portion of our annual income.

Bold City Containers has taken shape in response to the needs for container equipment sales across North Florida and South Georgia. While there are numerous container sales outfits on the internet, very few have the selection or physical presence that we do. Most are brokers that flip the container from the shipping line to the customer without ever having seen the box and they farm out the transportation to other companies. It is impossible for customers to preview equipment because they have no physical location at which to do so. This is NOT the case with Bold City Containers!

If you’re looking to buy a shipping container, don’t choose a high priced, stock exchange traded, national company with no customer service and don’t choose a pop-up broker who will be gone as quickly as they started with cut-rate pricing and service. Choose a Company that has been around for over 40 years and is committed to the industry and your business.

In 2021, we moved into our new M&R facility and shed much of the storage capacity we had for 40+ years. Along with the difficult container supply constraints, we have begun to focus more closely on custom units, reefers, gensets, and tanks. Brokers will flip you a dry box for cheap and it will look awful, but if you need higher quality or special equipment, please get in touch with us.