They are selling boxes that they don’t already own, and aren’t in a yard they control! Most of the container links and ads you see on an internet search lead to brokers who are just flipping someone else’s inventory. It’s great if you want the cheapest box, but you get what you pay for. Ask… Read More

We’ve just been forced by our suppliers to reconsider the way we are selling boxes. Previously, we would purchase 10-20 boxes at a time, put them in our inventory, repair them as necessary, and sell them. The old-school way. Now, everybody acts like they have everything in stock all the time, making it impossible to… Read More

We have a nice stock of one-trip 20′ containers in stock in beige. Not much to say other than the photos and that they have lock boxes and some have high lock bar handles. $100 discount for more than one at a time! M-F from 8-5 or call 904.751.1800 with questions.… Read More

Various model year Carrier 69RG15 nosemount gensets are in stock. Load tested and operational available. As-is available. Pricing varies: 2015 69RG15 in load tested condition – $6,400 2015 69RG15 in non-running or no output condition – $4,400 Older stuff in load tested condition – $4,900ish based on year Older stuff in as-is, non running condition… Read More

While equipment sales may be more profitable, our core business is providing intermodal equipment maintenance and repair services. Over nearly 50 years, we have worked on virtually every type of intermodal equipment invented, and have the experience to handle your needs. Through our various business entities – Transport Refrigeration (the oldest Carrier Container dealer in… Read More